Yoga And Pranayama For Women by Dr arora and team

Yoga And Pranayama For Women Part 1


Yoga is not only for men, women also can reap the benefits of yoga. There are specific yogic posture like breathing exercises (pranayama)which are suitable for women. They are detailed here with their indications, yoga practices suitable for specific disease of women are suggested.

Yoga And Pranayama For Women by Dr arora and team

Classical Yoga Shastra  :

  Starting age (13 to 16 years ):

In Classical yoga shastra no special yogic procedure or posture for women are mentioned yet.According to masters of yoga , women should start practicing yoga at the age of 13 to 16. This is the period when physical and mental changes occur in her to prepare her for childbearing. The good routine practices learned at this age aid to achieve healthy body and mind. Such Activities will also provide firm foundation for the whole future life.

 Middle Age (16 to 40 years ):

In general, due to hormonal changes occurring in a girl at about that manifests physical and mental changes effect menarac and future menstruation occurs. in the youth i.e childbearing age, she concieves, delivers, natures and rears children.

  Menopause (35 to 55 years) :

In old age the ability to reproduce gradually reduces and menstruation is stopped. This permanent cessation of menstruation is termed as menopausal. Thus there are three important periods in the life of women.

Yoga And Pranayama For Women by Dr arora and team

Of the stages utmost physical and mental support is needed in the last phase. through these changes are natural the changes that occur in the old age requires special attention.  According to Ayurveda , old age (jaara) is natural transformation . yet this phase cause certain amount of additional mental tension in women.

The cause of this are menopause and consequent problems. The libido and aversion to sex is not equal in old men and women. The hormonal changes in women are sharper. The effects of these hormonal changes are invetiable.  Hence to face the changes occurring in the old age. the women should get well prepared from the adolescence itself.

 Why it is Important :

Daily yoga practice at this stage is most important. Due to accelerated social changes women too are earning members now. They too work and share the financial burden of the family. Hence they are no more able to keep the sedentary lifestyle etc. prescribed by Ayurveda to be followed during their periods.  Such lifestyle changes have long standing deleterious effects. Old age is the time allotted for rest at the end of a busy active life, but unfortunately the adverse effects of the irregular life torment the women in the old age.

Phase Of Menopause :

There are three stages of menopause

  1. Peri-menopausal
  2. menopause
  3. post- menopausal

Peri Menopausal Stage :

In most woman this phase starts after 40 years of age. According to the difference in regions and climate. There may be some changes, effecting decrease or increase of the year of onset of this phase Yet we can identify a invisalign’s similarity ain the physical and mental changes occurring in this period. These are excessive anger, grief, high mental tension for even trivial problems. frequent physical and mental difficulties and obesity. the main cause of these changes is hormonal variations. that is why somatic and domestic changes occur.

There is no apt method to control these change and regulate the mind and body other than yoga. yoga practices provides firmness, enthusiasm and health to the body.and gives lightness, freedom and clarity to mind. the decalcification and bone degeneration. Occuring at this stage prevuing to some extent by the yoga. The bone joints beacome loser and their movements become freer. The mental tension occuring in this phase often affects the function to other glands and impairs them. Thyroid gland is affected most. It will lead to hypothyroidism and obesity.

The sun salute :

Yoga And Pranayama For Women by Dr arora and team

It is a single yoga practice capable of compensating all these defects. Going through the 12 stages of this procedure, the positive energy flows around the six cycles of the body ( shat-chakra) and corrects the course of praana. As this yoga practice is done in open air at the time of sunrise, we obtain many healthy elements from the nature. Along with sun salute, Breathing exercise (pranayama) and medications are also to be practisied these two mainly improve mental health.

Breathing Exercise (Pranayama):

  • Pleasure filling breathing exercise( Sukha-poorka pranayama)
  • Cleansing Breathing Exercise ( Naadee-suddhi-pranayam)
  • Great Breathing Exercise ( Mahat pranayama)
  • Beetle Breathing Exercise ( Bhraamaree Pranayama) Makaara chanting, tension relief
  • Omkaara BreathingExercise ( Omkaara Pranayaama)- Tension relief

Yogic Procedures (Kriyaah):

1.Cephalic Cleansing( kapaal Bharti) : The base cycle (savaadishthaana cakra)stimulation, detoxification

Meditation ( Dhyaana) :

  1. Complete meditation ( poorna dhyaana)
  2. Meditation of six cycle (shad-cakra dhyaana )


These are Some knowledge about how women body needs yoga and pranayama according to stages of their life. In next part we are going to learn about  How to tackle  complications like Uterine prolapse and Hot Flushes  by Dr Arora and Team. Hope you like this info. please share this info to your friends and loved ones and helps them living a healthy life. Ask your Question in Comment section or email us at Your Problems Our Privacy.

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