Finger Foods For Party by Dr Arora And Team



There are several Finger Foods For Party with ample of calories. If you are going for a party than their are more of chances of high calories fried food which is definitely not good for health.

We Know parties are kind of unavoidable things and also the delicious served different Finger Foods which increase salivation in mouth.So lets Indulge in These Healthy Finger Foods For Party  rise up your nutritional intake and stay healthy.

Finger Foods for party

Its Is easy to eat well at home but to navigate through open bars and buffets can be hard and challenging for a fit and healthy body.


1. Healthy Dips : 

If you mess with this one, you might end up eating 50 extra calories with every single bite. choose hummus, salsa or guacamole instead of mayo. This single switch will replace empty calories and bad fat with the goodness of lean proteinFinger Foods For Party by Dr Arora And Team

and the cholesterol free good fat in humans. salsa’s main ingredient -tomatoes, peppers and lime – are packed with antioxidants such as lycopene and vitamin A and C, loaded with fiber and are super low calories. Avocado plays the lead in guacamole and is loaded with heart healthy fats and nutrients such as beta – sitosterol, a natural plant sterol, which can decrease bad cholesterol. if you can’t do without creamy taste to your veggies, go for a hung curd dip. it’s natural probiotic, which can be blessing for your gut, especially when lose track of your drinks

2. Mixed Nuts :

 Nuts are popular party snacks. despite being served in their high salt avatars they are packed with good fat, protein and fibre to keep you full, and can be considered a fair game.Finger Foods For Party by Dr Arora And Team

They are high in Vitamin E, which works wonders for blood circulation, skin and even PMS.

3.Roated Chickpeas :

An Excellent source of Fiber and Plant-based protein, Thats the reason why this whole grain is always a way ahead better than diet chips and crispies.Finger Foods For Party by Dr Arora And Team

These nutrients controls your blood sugar and also helps in lowering your cholesterol levels. Chickpeas also loaded with manganese i.e helps boosts your metabolic system.

4. Chicken Tikka : 

A popular Indian Finger Food for parties. This food not only packed with low fat protein but also cooked in milk cream which has soothing effects on your stomach i.e say bye bye to acidity.

Finger Foods For Party by Dr Arora And Team

There are lots of other varieties like chicken nuggets or chicken seekh which are loaded with too much of starch and fat.

5. Fruit And Cheese :

 Heres comes the sweet dish.Finger Foods For Party by Dr Arora And Team

You just have to choose less processed soft cheese like goat, feta or brie, with fresh fruits. These are lower in calories as well as rich source of calcium, alkaline ash and antioxidants. These are the NUTRIENTS that your body needs post drinking.

These are  5 HEALTHY FINGER FOODS FOR PARTY by Dr Arora and Team. Hope you like this info. please share this info to your friends and loved ones and helps them living a healthy life. Ask your Question in Comment section or email us at Your Problems Our Privacy.

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