dr arora health tips for healthy liver



1.The Three Day Rule :

Actually This is a rule for your gym work out. Regular workouts helps in burning up fat in your bloodstream as well as improving insulin levels while it makes way to your liver. Exercise helps you to lose weight which is one of the major benefit to keep your liver healthy.how to keep liver healthy by Dr arora and team

Your Resolution :

The studies from UK says if you follow this schedule or exceed by 3 days can be key to improving signs of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) regardless of the type of training. so hit the gym atleast three times a week.

2. Take A Load Off :

Its time to start reducing your belt holes. If  you are obese or overweight, than losing weight can improve insulin resistance as well as helps in reducing inflammation which is a greater risk of NAFLD.how to keep liver healthy by Dr arora and team

Your Resolution :

Check your numbers first. According to researchers Your BMI (Body Mass Index) if you weigh 72 kg with 5’10” should not exceed than 23 for avoiding NAFLD. although A well muscled man can safely weigh more.

3. Menu Modifications :

 The main role of Liver is to filter toxins from your blood by breaking fats and carbs that you have in your meal. If I say straight, your liver has to deal with every crap that you eat. You can make its job pretty easier by a good  and healthy diet.how to keep liver healthy by Dr arora and team

Your Resolution :

Feed up on green vegetables, nuts, beans and fish. According to a survey in south korea , Guys who ate diet rich in vitamin K folate and omega-3 fatty acids , nuts and seeds had the lowest risk of NAFLD and helps in keeping liver healthy.

4. Booze Intelligently :

If you want to keep liver healthy than keep a check on your drinks. Your liver is the hero of your movie. He does a tremendous job of metabolizing alcohol until you decide to knock back more drinks that it can handle. But the after products of metabolism of alcohol can harm the liver cells.healthy liver

Your Resolution :

Journal of Hepatology  Suggests that 709ml of regular beer or 295ml ounces of wine is acceptable amount by your liver. So just resolute not more than 2 drinks a day, as this limit can halve our risk of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

5. Painkillers From Prescription Only :

This is one of the biggest issues for your liver weakness. Acetaminophen or Paracetamol can relieves you from pain but overdose are a top factor in liver failure. why?

            because liver’s main function is to detoxify your blood and when you have any drug there resulting byproducts might damage liver.how to keep liver healthy by Dr arora and team

Your Resolution :

 Always do what your doctor say. don’t go over 4,ooo milligrams  per day. Acetaminophen is not only a painkiller but also an ingredient in over 600 medicines. Accidentally ingestion is way too easy for that drug. Be Prescribed Be Safe.

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