weight loss myths and tricks by Dr Arora and Team

Eat Right And Lose Weight – 5 Weight Loss Myths and Tricks Busted


weight loss myths and tricks by Dr Arora and Team


Actually it is one of the biggest Weight loss MYTHS that peas and beans increase craving for hunger. They both are pretty rich in soluble fibres which fill you up.

weight loss myths and tricks by Dr Arora and Team

                      A survey reported as when 200 over weight people ate a high soluble fibre diet for 120 days results in weight loss of 5 kg. That is quite a weight loss for a tiny vegetable. But Nutritionist also says no to load for this vegetable regularly as they contain sugar and starch.

2. SUSHI – The Calories Burner :

TA-Daaa… It is Not in weight loss Myths. VITAMIN B and Iodine helps in metabolic functions which are the chief ingredients for Seaweed i.e Sushi. These nutrients slows the movement  of sushi through digestive system and you feel filled up already and hence less you eat.weight loss myths and tricks by Dr Arora and Team

                       But you just make sure to avoid over eating of sushi as well. Only a few pieces can do the work.

3. Hot Chillies –

The Hunger Builder : A Weight Loss Myth.  Yes people often think hot chillies increases your hunger. Its a myth. It sounds like a bad idea to have fiery chilli souce to curb your appetite And it has a scientific foundation too that “Chillies boost the metabolism and helps suppress hunger cravings”.weight loss myths and tricks by Dr Arora and Team

                         They are not the quick Fix for your weight loss programs, but a trick on days when you have cravings for spicy meal. The smart key is to Opt for green chillies instead of red powder as they are high in antioxidants and vitamin C.

4. Fatty Acid –

Fat Burner: It is NOT a weight loss Myth. Order a steak next time you dinning out. CLA ( Conjugated Lenoleic Acid) is a type of fatty acid generally found in dairy products and Lamb has fat burning effects.

weight loss myths and tricks by Dr Arora and Team

                  The British Journal Of Nutrition state that people who were on Conjugated Lenoleic Acid ( CLA) for a period of 6 month has a 4 per cent of body fat reduction.

5. Pasta-

The Muscle Breaker : Again one of the Weight Loss Myths. Some people thinks having pasta in little increments helps is weight loss. But Pasta Repairs muscles. One of the downside of fat loss in muscle wastage. Pasta combining with protein is a good post work out diet as it helps glycogen loading in muscles.  weight loss myths and tricks by Dr Arora and Team

                         So fill up on Oatmeals, high fibre breads and pasta to keep your muscles strong.

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