Dr Arora and Team article on myths and dental facts

7 Myths in Dentistry


1.Dentist Are Not Doctors : 

Yes dentist are real doctors. they go for a specific part of your body i.e TEETH, like other studies for example –

Dr Arora and Team article on myths and dental facts

Cardiologist(heart), Neurologist(neurons or brain), Nephrologist(nephrons or kidney), so respect your fellow dental surgeon.

Another dental fact becomes when Dentist often says, when you got pain in your teeth you will follow my all orders and agree that i am a life saver and a Doctor.

2. Extraction is Not The Only Solution :

Yes A Dental Fact, If you got pain in your tooth then there is no way that extraction is the only solution.

dental facts about extraction

FILLINGS, ROOT CANAL TREATMENT(RCT), APICOECTOMY etc. consult your family doctor. your dentist will gives you best advise regarding your problem.

3. Posterior Teeth Are Not Important:

 A Myth, Patient came to the clinic and says its my posterior why it is important to save, its not even visible. So listen sir or mam, we masticate our food from posterior teeth only.Dr Arora and Team article on myths and dental facts

Its a dental fact that Every teeth have their proper function and significance. If you did not masticate your food properly it will lead you to indigestion and other gastric problems. So go for Crowning or Implantation if you even lose your posteriors.

4. Every Child With Irregular Arranged Teeth Needs Braces :  

If your children teeth are malocclude(irregularly arranged) than consult your dentist before making your mind to go for braces. Some stages like UGLY DUCKLING STAGE ,Dr Arora and Team article on myths and dental facts

in age 7 to 12 years is self correcting disorder. Teeth automatically take their place when your child grows and got enough space.

And if your child have spaces between their teeth than again no worries as when he grows other fellow teeth take those places.

5. Clove Oil As Pain Killer :

 Its aDental Fact that clove oil is use a pain killer in dentistry. But Only in Clinics with proper concentration and amount and by Dentist only. Patients in some areas like INDIA uses clove oil as a medicine and become a self proclaimed doctors

.Dr Arora and Team article on myths and dental facts

So guys listen if you use excess of Clove Oil on your paining tooth it will do necrosis or in laymans terms kill the pulp(life of the teeth) and you think you got permanent relief from the pain. Please consult your doctor first rather than doing experiment on your own body.

6. Caries or Insects : 

Some people think that caries are insects that feeds and lives in our teeth, or when you visit your dentist they ask for to show the insect that infect their teeth.

Dr Arora and Team article on myths and dental facts

So guys they are microorganisms, bacterias like streptococcus mutans which is the reason for caries. it can’t be visible from naked eyes. for example- curd contain lactobacillus bacteria but they are not visible from naked eyes. Go for microscope if you want.

7. Tobacco, Guttka or Pan Masala relives pain : Plz stop smoking,eating tobacco, Gutka or pan masala. they are not medicines. It will lead you to some serious disease like oral cancer.

Dr Arora and Team article on myths and dental facts

and in case of pain mostly the dental nerves are exposed so don’t smoke or eat guttka in dental pain. Consult your dentist in pain.

8. Wisdom Teeth Myth : There are lot of myths about wisdom teeth. like wisdom teeth must always be removed before orthodontic treatment or in daily life too. its a MYTH as it totally depends on the position of the wisdom tooth.Dr Arora and Team article on myths and dental facts

     If its eruption is proper and not infected it even need not to be extracted. in case of impaction or partial eruption it might be needed to removed. consult your dentist first before making your mind. Check the X-rays or OPG before any decision.

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