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Stressful and Sleepless nights -7 Natural Surprising Cure For Insomnia


Now a days stress is the unavoidable part of our hectic life. which gives us sleepless nights and also decreases the sperm count. Cure for insomnia without medicines is or necessity.  If you did not get proper sleep your all day goes tiredy and even you can’t work at your true potential.

A good night sleep is major part of life. So for a good sleep either you go to a physician or take a look on these natural cure for insomnia.

1. Red Wine :

 One of the most accepted way all over world. A glass of red wine can assure a good night sleep as it contains Melatonin the sleeping hormone. But it should be used in limited amount.sleep properly by dr arora and team

A glass of red wine with little sips is much helpful than bottoms up and also large quantities of alcohol will prevent sleep. plus gives you morning dog breath. So go easy.

2.Banana :

 Tryptophan and Vitamin B are rich ingredients of banana which help produces serotonin, also key to a restful night and also easy to digest.7 Natural Surprising Cure For Insomnia by Dr Arora and Team

For natural and proper cure for insomnia try it with warm milk and honey which will definitely gives you a good night sleep.

3. Whey Protien :

This is how your Body grows too. For a good behavior of night snack, it should be properly digested so as the protein shake and It will also prevent muscle wastage as you sleep.7 Natural Surprising Cure For Insomnia by Dr Arora and Team

Cold coffee or shakes with caffeine should be avoided.

4. Cheese : 

This is he oldest way to have a peaceful sleep.  A survey shows that high fat meals make you drowsy and helps you a good night sleep.

7 Natural Surprising Cure For Insomnia by Dr Arora and Team

But as it contains High  calories this is  advisable only if you are working out.

5. Green veggies :

 RLS ( Restless Leg Syndrome ) is the rarest disease which makes you woke up at night. So you make sure have some green in your dinner.

dr arora green veggies

More the Greener more the better. Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium are the chief ingredients of green veggies which helps you relieve  your jumpy pins and sleep aid.

6. Oatcaks :

Oats are rich source of  Slow-released Carbs and Tryptophan which helps you sleep and also helps in controlling your blood sugar.oatcake

So for a nice and healthy sleep you need to get your oats at bedtime which even helps in midnight sugar crash.

7. Milk : 

An ancient remedy for sleepless nights. Even Its a ritual to drink a glass of warm milk before your bed time.7 Natural Surprising Cure For Insomnia by Dr Arora and Team

Milk contains Calcium which helps in releasing of more tryptophan and also sends a message to brain that its time to sleep.

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