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7 Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure


7 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common heath problems in he world. it is caused by:

  • Unmanageable stress and anxiety
  • Lack of sleep
  • A very sedentary lifestyle
  • A Type-A personality(characterized by drive, aggression, impatience, perfectionism, etc)heart health and health

high blood pressure develops over a period of time, when extra salt in the body leads to the blood vessels losing their flexibilities

here are some natural ways to lower blood pressure in daily life, if you have been diagnosed as a hypertensive


 The best natural way to lower your blood pressure is a good sleep, which helps your body(and its blood vessels) regenerate and repair itself. sleep lower blood pressure

Replace caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, with chamomile tea or jasmine tea.


Pranayama brings down blood pressure by reducing the stress knots in your body. there are different kinds of pranayams , some energies the body, others help calm down.natural ways to lower blood pressure by Dr Arora and team

It is practically proved by many patients that if you do pranayam regularly there will low stress level in your body and hence mange your blood pressure. its the natural way to reduce your blood pressure and even helps in leaving your medicines.

3. WATER :

 Another one of the natural ways to reduce your blood pressure.

natural ways to lower blood pressure by Dr Arora and team

How? when you drink enough water, the kidney flush out the extra sodium in your body,helping to reduce your blood pressure.


Heavy dinner contains lots of salt and make body water retentive.natural ways to lower blood pressure by Dr Arora and team

A slat free dinner such as oats in milk or milkshake helps reduce salt intake and therefore, the load on the heart.


A diet that includes at least 35 per cent of fruits and vegetables means that you don’t consume extra salt. such a diet also helps reduces the hardening of arteries.

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Vegetable juices helps cleanse the body of excess salt. One of the best juices is a mix of celery, pomegranate, beetroot and tomato.


Swimming , yoga, walking and even dancing are natural ways to lower blood pressure.By Dr Arora and Team

These exercise helps strengthen your arteries and stabilizing your blood pressure.


Smoking and tobacco consumption make blood vessels constricted, which leads to high blood pressure.

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