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Say No To Tiredy And Unhealthy Mornings – 5 WAYS To Wake up Healthier


1.YOUR MIND/ shelve work worries:

If you are frustrated in waking up tired in the morning and feeling lousy, tiredy and angry whole day than the first thing to do is TURN OFF your Mobile Phone on schedule.

People who stop reading E-mails and checking their phones at a set time each evening sleep better than those who don’t put limits in place,

dr arora and team waking up tired

according to a Northen Illinois University study. A deadline helps you detach from work psychologically, the researcher says.

2. Your Eyes/ don’t be on the losing side:

Try a new position in the bed: an australian review concluded that sleeping on your stomach can increase eye fluid pressure,

dr arora health tips

which can cause Glaucoma risk and worsens nearsightedness. Snooze on your back unless you have sleep apnea. In that case, sleep on your right side.

If you sleep properly ,your body get enough time to recharge itself and less tiredy mornings. this is one of the best way to prevent waking up tired and frustrated in the morning

3. Your teeth/ skip the rinse cycle:

Saliva washes away germs and bathes your teeth in restorative minerals. but as you sleep,you produce less spit.dr arora and team waking up tired

before bed , brush with fluoride toothpaste. than spit but don’t rinse. it will leave a protective layer of fluoride. use the mouthwash twice in a week or recommended by your dentist that helps you preventing the bad breath in morning.

4. YOUR SKIN/ iron out wrinkles:

To save face , apply micro sphere technology retina A and vitamin C serum on alternating nights says by dermatologists.dr arora skin image

why at night? Because sunlight can break down the active ingredients in these skin improving products.

5. Your Heart/ Pop before you drop:

This is for heart patients , heart attack mostly occurs in the a.m. so take aspirin before you sleep which reduces the odds of morning clot.

dr arora and team waking up tired

or put sorbitrate to your bed side which in emergency helps in dilating the heart vessels and increase blood flow so saves you from the heart attack.


from these little measure you are able to wake up happier and healthier in the morning and say bye bye to waking up tired and lousy mornings.

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