Dental implant problems by dr arora and team



Are Dental Implants Safe ? Now a days dental implants are one of the key procedure in leading dentistry. Although it has a success rate of 95% but there are complications after the procedure if proper precautions are not taken. Here Dr Arora and Team gives you a brief overview on Dental Implants problems.

Dental implant problems by dr arora and team

1.Forgien Body Rejection : 

Sometimes Patient Body finds implant as a forgone object and does not associate with it properly hence just reject the implant like mostly in cases of Organ Transplants.

2.Failed Osseointegration : 

Osseointegration is the process in which bone is fused both structually and functionally with the implant body. Failing in Osseointegration results in losing of implant or fell out. Failure of the implant is mostly due to bone loss in subsequent period of time.Dental implant problems by dr arora and team

Bone loss of 1mm after first year and 2 mm in second year considerate as a high chances of implant failure.

3. Infection Or Peri-Implantitis :

This is infection occurs from bacteria presents during the procedure only if proper dental hygiene is not taken. This is one the most common Dental Implant Problems. This complication involves swelling of bone or gum near the implant. But this is not much complicated as sounds.

Proper antibiotic prescription will relive you from this complication. Patient who smoke, diabetic and poor oral hygiene are more prone to this infection.

4. Nerve Penetration or Damage: 

One of the rare problem yet a possibility during the implant procedure. This mostly occurs in lower jaw mostly implant at premolars. Patient will experience chronic pain, numbness of cheeks, tounge, gums, lips or chin if implant is way too closer to nerve.Dental implant problems by dr arora and team

It is recoverable from medicine if it is temporary but if penetration in done than implant might needed to be removed.  Like other invasive surgeries their is tissue damage ,bleeding and pain for couple of days. So don’t worry and keep in contact with your dentist.

5. Sinus Problems : 

Mostly one the challenging  problem in Maxilla (Upper Jaw).  Less Bone level or extending sinus wall is a great challenge to place a implant in upper jaw. Bone quantity and quality both hampers as the sinuses are involved. And if after these factor implants are placed successfully there are chances of less osseointegartion and proper holding of implant

To overcome this problem oral surgeon perform sinus augmentation or we say thickens the bone by adding some bone in it results in better bone foundation. Although penetration in sinus are easily diagnosed by X-rays or Ct-scan. proper treatment can be done.


Allergic Body Reaction or Failure Of Implant By Itself are some other risks and causes for implant failure.

Although implant is made up of titanium their is very less chance of allergic reaction or failure by itself. Allergic reaction mostly observed as itching and redness in implant area. Still MELISA Test is Scientifically Proven test for allergic reaction to Titanium. So if you have doubt go for it.

There are complications in every procedure. But these complication can overcome easily. So If your not Uncontrolled type 2 diabetic and other tests are clear, Just go for it…

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