This is proper guide how to plan your whole day diet with Fat burning foods by Dr Arora and Team.

How to Lose Fat in Daily Hectic Schedule- Fat Burning Foods

Lose Fat in Daily Hectic Schedule- Fat Burning Foods

Looking slim, fit with nice muscle tone is everybody’s dream. Every Second men wants to have 6 pac abs and every women wants to look slim and gorgeous. But is Today’s stressful and working life we don’t have time to do gymming or aerobics on routine basis and even during working hours we used to eat anything and everything that comes our way ;)).


So there are lots of issues of overweight which even leads to several problems like diabetes, Blood pressure , aging and lots of other problems. We are losing strength and even stamina to carry our daily routine work. So in this article i am sharing Some Fat burning foods that helps you lose your weight , increase stamina and strength even when you are working 8 hours per day and 5 days a week with you daily busy and stressful schedule.

Fat Burning Foods :

1. Green Tea – Time to wake up –

Its time to wake and start your day with a healthy cup of green tea. We woke and go for a coffee or a tea , now its time for a change .


Its a much better choice than your normal tea or coffee. If you are one the guy who has problem with the taste of green tea than add a spoon of Honey to make it more smooth and refreshing. A mixture of green tea and honey not even increase your metabolism but also honey boosts up your immune system . So if you want a healthy morning and carry it throughout the day starts with a green tea.

2.Oat Meals – Breakfast Time  :

This is one the better choice for your breakfast. Carbs are not enemy. According to a Study by Tufts University people on oat meals have found 10 percent less belly fat than others. Rather than going pranthas ( Indian Dish ) , sandwiches or toast oat meal is much better option for a healthy and slimming breakfast. And just remember whole grain Carbs are good for fat loss.

3. Time to not to eat anything :

Its time to give a rest to your stomach till Lunch time. Eating between meals are not advisable as it just decrease your metabolism and increase belly fat. As most of are doing jobs at corporate office where we have work with our brain rather than moving here and there. I mean we have a nice Centralised Ac , a chair and a desk on which our files or computers are placed and we have sit whole day and work from our seat only. So guys give a rest till lunch time.

4. Lunch Time – Wild Salamon/ Sweet Potatoes/ Whey protien :

Now its time for Lunch . Weight loss have a simple equation – that is more the protein less the fat. During lunch some girls want to have fruits which is a better judgement than other fried and unhealthy foods like pizza or burgers. For men or who wants to full the stomach wild salmon or sweet potatoes are better options. Remember one thing don’t eat too much which makes you lousy.

5. Snacks time – Almonds/ chilled Potatoes/ Fruits/ green tea/ Milk shakes:

If you want a healthy life style without doing gym or aerobics eat properly and healthy even in snacks. You Know 90% of our dieting , diet plans , Healthy lifestyle blah blah goes to gutter during snacks.

This is proper guide how to plan your whole day diet with Fat burning foods by Dr Arora and Team.

I mean who don’t want a burger or spicy hot dog or Some fried Pakaodas or Samosas with tea in snacks. So this is the time guys to get self control and self determination to not eat unhealthy. There are lots of Snacks options. So choose wisely.

6. Time For Dinner – Light tuna/ Sushi/ Spinach/ Brochali

There is a Saying In Morning – Eat like a King, In Noon- Eat like a Soldier and at Night – Eat like a Beggar. I think you all guys understands what i am trying to say. Eat only 2/3 rd of your hunger at night. Because during asleep your metabolism rate is slow and if you eat full stomach its going to increase your belly fat vigorously. So eat healthy and less and walk atleast 1000 steps after having your dinner . There are lots of choices of Fat burning foods for dinner. Eat less and Wisely.

This is proper  guide how to plan your whole day diet with Fat burning foods by Dr Arora and Team. Hope you like this info. please share this info to your friends and loved ones and helps them living a healthy life. Ask your Question in Comment section or email us at Your Problems Our Privacy.

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