Is your child suffering from Myopia by dr arora and tea

Is your child suffering from Myopia?

Is your child suffering from Myopia

Is your child recently complaining of headache and inability to concentrate in studies or is he lagging behind in academic performance due to being unable to understand things in class? For most of us, it may ring alarm bells of the prospect of the child having a learning disability. However, many times, the reason may be different.

Is your child suffering from Myopia by dr arora and team

Many children suffers from a condition of the eye know as myopia. Due to which they are perpetually strained and get headaches along with inability to see things at a distance.  In some countries the prevalence of myopia in school going children is reported to be as high as 70 percent. Therefore, it is important to know about Myopia and how it can be effectively managed.

What is Myopia:

Myopia is one of the most common vision defects which is characterized by inability to see objects at a distance due to elongation of the eyeball. As a result, the eye is able to focus near objects effectively, but, is unable to focus far objects. Thus, these objects cannot be seen clearly.

Causes :

Cause of Myopia is not exactly known, however heredity is an important risk factor. This means that kids with myopic parents are more likely to develop condition. Other important risk factors may be excessive use of mobile phones, computer and television.  Dimly light conditions during studying may also be a contributory factor.

Interestingly studies show that the children who go outside and engage in play are less likely to develop Myopia as compared to those who spend time indoors with mobile and computer games.

How To Prevent :

  • Whereas restricting COMPUTER and MOBILE SCREEN time may be an important strategy in Myopia prevention.

Is your child suffering from Myopia by dr arora and team

  • It is recommended that during study, it is best for eyes if the child can take a 5-10 minute BREAK after each 30-40 minute near study session. This may include looking out of the window or giving eyes some rest.
  • Proper DIET and NUTRITION are also necessary for good eyesight. Ensuring that your child takes a balanced diet with foods containing proper amounts of vitamins and minerals are very important.

Even though all these measures help in prevention of Myopia or its worsening, it is important  to get your kid’s eyes tested every six months . In case of myopia your doctor will usually recommend glasss after which the problems faced by the child will be resolved. So It is important to keep a track of the sight through regular eye check-up. As well as precautions even with glasses so that your child can enjoy a hassle free childhood.

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