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A Soldier In Dental Hygiene – Top 5 Myths and Dental Hygiene Facts

Myths And Facts about Dental Care

Myth 1 : Scaling Is Not Good For teeth : 


 The Dental Hygiene Facts is basically Scaling is the process of removal of tartar or calculus from teeth which makes teeth and gums healthy and keep hygiene facts by Dr Arora and Team

Scaling cleans calculus even under the gums ( sub-gingival ) and prevents bad odour and bleeding gums. Thus scaling is beneficial for whole mouth.

Myth 2 : Only Sugar Causes Cavities : 

Fact :

People thinks chocolates or sugary products cause cavities in mouth. Cavities are caused by Bacteria like streptococcus which produce chemical reaction on carbohydrates and decays the hygiene facts by Dr Arora and Team

So this is not only sugar that causes cavity its the food with carbohydrates. So either it is sugary products, fruits , vegetables, rice and bread.

Myth 3 : Brushing Your Bleeding Gums Is bad :

Fact :

Brushing is not only Good teeth but also for tongue and gums. For proper cleaning of mouth we need to use a tooth brush for teeth and gums, tongue cleaner for tongue and with dental cleaning aids like inter dental brushes or hygiene facts by Dr Arora and Team

Bleeding gums are due to plaque accumulation hence causing inflammation. In this case use Soft bristles toothbrush gentles over teeth and gingiva. Gum Paints also be helpful to conquer inflammation.

Myth 4 : Using Sugarless Chewing Gum After Meal Can Replace Brushing : 

Fact : 

Nothing Can Replace brushing. A proper brushing technique is strictly advisable two times a day. Even brushing at night time is mandatory because as we are going to sleep, food particles and bacteria have enough time for their chemical process and causes cavities.Dental Care White Sweetness Chewing Gum

On the other hand during day we talk, chat and produces more saliva than night so bacterias does have that much of time for their chemical process. In Case you want to chew a gum don’t go for more than 15 minutes.

5. Myth : Teeth Whitening Are Harmful as It Damages Enamel :  

Fact : 

Basically not completely a Myth. Bleaching is Good For teeth. But Excess of everything is bad and so as of Bleaching.  Bleaching is one of the simplest and Safest procedure in dentistry .Read Our Article  READ BEFORE YOU GO FOR AT-HOME TEETH BLEACHING  gives you more in depth knowledge about Bleaching.teeth bleaching by Dr Arora and Team


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