Porcelain Veneers Pros and Cons by dr arora and team

What are Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain Veneers Pros and Cons

Porcelain Veneers Pros and Cons 

In Modern World everybody wants to look good,  healthy and with a great smile. For a great smile dentist offers us Porcelain Veneers to make our smile healthy with great aesthetics. At first porcelain veneers  are more common in celebrities and movie stars but as the time passes these are available for every single individual with affordable prices. Now at first lets know what is dental veneers or porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers :

Porcelain Veneers or dental Veneers are the thin pieces of tooth coloured metal which enhances the durability and aesthetic of discolored , damaged , malocclused ( irregularly arranged teeth) or some time to increase the aesthetic of your smile. It is basically the color of your choice to make alteration in shape, size and contour of your tooth.

These are some porcelain veneers pros and cons by Dr Arora and Team

Lots of people wants to go for porcelain veneers but they need someone to tell them truth about why or why not go for this procedure.

Porcelain Veneers Pros :

  1. The biggest pro for porcelain veneers is that you smile looks incredible in No time.
  2. Vallla  a news for smokers !!!!!! These veneers are stains resistant. BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SMOKE.
  3. Maintainance for these procedure are quite easy. with normal maintaining measures i.e brushing, mouthwash rinse , flossing will do their job.

These are some porcelain veneers pros and cons by Dr Arora and Team


Porcelain Veneers Cons :

  1. In porcelain veneers treatment some part of enamel is removed to make space and provides proper thickness of durability. That reduced part of enamel will never be recreated by body itself.
  2. Veneers are tend to remove by directly applying of heavy pressure. So to prevent their chip off no direct biting from front tooth.
  3. Some time colors of veneers do not exactly match to significants teeth.
  4. Guys with the problems of teeth clenching. Veneers are not suitable for them as chances of chipping off are quite easy.

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