Pre and Post Workout Care for your Skin

Workout For Skin-Pre and Post Workout Skin Care

Pre and Post Workout Care for your Skin

Skin Care is as important as workout For toning of your muscles. We all know that a good workout is a great healthy habit to cultivate.  It keeps you fit, prevents various diseases related to obesity and sedentary lifestyle, acts as a stress-buster and also helps you look good. However, we often overlook the habits we need to cultivate before and after the gym in order to keep a good hygiene and a healthy skin. These simple habits will ensure that we are able to get the maximum health benefits from our workout routine.

Sweat And Skin :

In addition to sweat, your body also tends to produce extra oil during workout.  This oil and sweat may prove to be a reason for skin and odor related problems.

Workout For Skin-Pre and Post Workout Skin Care


It is therefore recommended to use antiperspirants, especially in armpit and groin areas before workout. Antiperspirants will limit the complications like rashes caused in areas of excessive friction, hence preventing future skin problems that may sometime even limit your exercising capability. Additionally, sweat can be managed by minding your hair. If you have long hair, tie them into a tuft or use a band to limit your hair rom touching your skin.

Fresh Towels and Skin Care:

Always use a fresh and clean towel to wipe out sweat from your face and body.  As we tend to sweat more during workout, a clean fresh towel  is a good thing to keep handy while gymming.  A new personalized towel every time you hit the gym is a must carry, therefore get a stock of towels in advance while planning for your weekly exercises. Another advice is that never use your hands to wipe your sweat from face or body while exercising.

Make -up :

For ladies who head to gym from work, here is a golden advice. Always remove your make-up if you use it before hitting the gym Your make up clogs your skin pores and therefore makes your skin more susceptible to pimples and other skin problems due to sweat and oil secretion during excecise. Also, avoid long time in hot water bath post-workout as it may leave your skin dry and itchy.

Re-hydration :

At the end always remember to rehydrate your skin if you work out regularly by drinking a lot of fluids throughout the day as well as using proper moisturizer cream.

Workout For Skin-Pre and Post Workout Skin Care

Workout is a known enhancer of skin health; however, you need to be aware of how to get the benefits of your exercise by remembering these simple things. Making these a part of your exercise routine will help you in ensuring that your workout enhances your overall health in a positive way.

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