Staph Infection – History, Diagnosis,Treatment and Drugs

Can your skin rash be a deadly infection?

Skin rashes are common in day to day life as well as in various diseases. They may be caused due to allergy, insect bite or an infection.  But sometimes, this seemingly harmless rash may be an indicator of a potentially deadly disease.Staph infection may start from a minor sore or rash and become serious.

staph infection by dr arora and team

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) (Staph Infection) :

It is a disease caused by a superbug of the same name. This superbug is resistant to many antibiotics and may therefore be lethal. Many a times, this microbe is contacted by children and may lead to death due to ack of response to antibiotic treatment. One of the most common symptoms of this infection is a skin rash.

History :

Staph Infection was first described in 1961, and, subsequently its first outbreak occurred in a hospital in 1978. Thereafter, it became a community acquired infection and can now even be acquired from person to person outside the hospitals. The patients usually begin noticing a skin rash that is often confused with spider bite or insect bite. Hover, soon it spreads to other areas of skin, may involve surrounding tissues and cause necrosis of surrounding skin. Finally it may take a more serious form and may cause complications such as blood, bone and heart infections that may lead to death.

Diagnosis of Staph Infection :

It is usually made through blood and tissue culture. New nucleic acid tests may establish the diagnosis faster and are more sensitive.

staph infection by dr arora and team

The infection may spread from one person to another by skin at the site of cut or abraded wounds. This may be at sites of abrasions or shaving cuts. The microbe may also enter the body through surgical area or site of catheterization. Once the bacterium enters, it may cause infection in blood, bone, skin, soft tissues and lungs etc.

Therefore, it is always wise to take every skin rash seriously and see a doctor immediately if a rash seems suspicious.

Treatment Of Staph Infection :

1. Antibiotics :

Now there is a proper issue of selecting the right antibiotic for you. As Staph infections are mostly antibiotic resistant so selection of antibiotic is the key role. Still Antibiotics mostly prescribed to treat staph infection includes  nafcillin or related antibiotics, cephalosporins, sulfa drugs or vancomycin. In case of antibiotic resistance (MRSA) Vancomycin is the drug of choice.

2. Drainage :

Drainage of wound in skin infections are most common line of treatment in staph infection. This will gave you proper relief and rest part of treatment done by antibiotics.


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