Tennis Elbow by Dr Arora and Team

Tennis Elbow – Most Painful Era of Sachin Tendulkar – Causes, Signs, symptoms & Treatment

Tennis Elbow

One of the Common disease in sports person. Mostly in Tennis. Another biggest victim of this disease is Sachin Tendulkar or called as GOD OF CRICKET from Indian Cricket Team. As i am a great fan of Sachin so i love to write a article on Tennis elbow which is most painful era for cricket for India.

Tennis Elbow by Dr Arora and Team

What is Tennis Elbow :

Tennis Elbow is a Condition in which outer part of elbow becomes swallow and tender. As excessive use of forearm and elbow joint these muscles starts to damage which results in excess pain. This condition is most common in Tennis players, laborers and carpenters.

Causes of Tennis Elbow :

Studies shows that more than half of these injuries will happens to direct blow or sometimes overextension of forearm muscles. However, in 40% cases it occurs repetitive injuries to forearm muscles. It means if you don’t give your forearm muscles enough time to heal or overuse will lead to this condition.

Signs And Symptoms :

  • Pain on the Lateral Epicondyl or we sats outer part of the elbow.
  • Pain during movement of wrist for example during gripping or lifting movements.

Tennis Elbow by Dr Arora and Team

  • Pain triggers during movements involves wrist like poring of liquid, sweeping , weight lifting like holding a bucket of water means where the the movement of wrist involves
  • In symptoms of tennis elbow pain radiates from outer forearm to wrist , during movement of wrist, gripping becomes hard and painful.

Line of Treatment for Tennis Elbow :

  • The first treatment is as doctors says Prevention is better than cure. So if you feel like radiating pain in forearm or during wrist movement just try not to carry with the work you are doing. Take proper rest and give time to muscles to heal properly.
  • Orthodic Devices are used for the proper movement of arm and reduces pain . These are used for treatment as well as preventive measures.

Tennis Elbow by Dr Arora and Team

  • There are several medications used for this treatment mostly Anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers.
  • The last line of treatment is Surgery. If it is not controlled by preventive and  medicine measures , surgery is the only option left.


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