These are some top Carcinogens we use in daily life by Dr Arora and Team

We Intake So Much Poisons(Carcinogens) -Top 5 Carcinogens in Daily Life


1.TOBACCO Smoking:

One of the most common carcinogen in daily life. either by active or Second hand tobacco smoke. Over a quarter of all Cancer deaths are caused by Smoking. “if Cigarettes are banned, 58 per cent of the world’s Cancer burden will be over” .

if you do one thing to reduce your risk  , stab out the ciggies.






WHO SAYS : Carcinogenic


There is very strong evidence that all types of alcoholic drinks increase the risk of a number of cancers. A strong carcinogen.

dr arora
Alcohol i.e binge drinking as Carcinogen

doctors recommends  sticking to eight units per week. “ also binge drinking is an integral cause of cancer these days”  so it is advisable to go easy on weekends.

WHO SAYS: Carcinogenic

3. SUNLIGHT( UV Radiations):

direct exposure to the sunlight is one of most common cause of skin cancer in some areas of the world.

Sun bath as a carcinogens
Sun bath in ozone depletion zone

some beaches recommended sunscreen cream to avoid sunburn. so spend little less time on beaches and use uv advisors to prevent sunburn

WHO SAYS: Carcinogenic


It is rumored that mobile phones are the next cause of cancer after tobacco as they emit harmful radiations which are a definite cause of cancer,

dr arorathe only time a mobile phone does not emit radiation is when it is switched off. there have been instances of  testicular cancer due to keeping mobile phones in pocket

WHO SAYS : Possibly carcinogenic


it is says that  because mostly room freshness contains  Formaldehyde or  naphthalene and


food preservatives contains Sodium nitrite and nitrates which are ingredients and possible carcinogens.

WHO says: possibly Carcinogens

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