Why You Should Start Positive Self-Talk Today by Dr Arora and Team

Why You Should Start Positive Self-Talk Today


What is Self-Talk : 

Self-talk is the repeated voice going on in our head that keeps reiterating our current psychological condition and challenges. A negative self-talk in stressful conditions can make the matters worst and push us toward anxiety or depression. On the other hand a positive self-talk may get us out of stressful circumstances.

Why You Should Start Positive Self-Talk Today by Dr Arora and Team

If facts are to be believed, than there is a fairly good chance that you are among the 50 percent of people who have perceived psychological stress. If not, there are still high chances that you might be having stresses subconsciously. Most of us undergo through various stressful situations every day. They may be at our workplace, at our homes or in our personal lives.

We are usually able to cope with most of these stresses, however, There are some situations that our way beyond our control. Moreover, modern living presents us with repeated situations where there is a huge amount of psychological stress. Coping with these situations may need methods other than routine coping behaviors. Therefore, we need to inculcate some habits that help us in overcoming stressful situations. One of the easiest and effective method is Positive Self-Talk.


How To Do Positive Self-Talk :

  • Positive Self-Talk is the easiest thing to do in a stressful situation. Just take the most stressful part of the situation and say yourself that you are going to handle it or that it is no big deal or that it happens with everyone.

Why You Should Start Positive Self-Talk Today by Dr Arora and Team

  • Even when not in stressful situation, you can retort to positive self-talk as it would help in boosting your confidence and making you feel great!
  • An early morning thought like “ It is going to be a beautiful day and I am going to make the most of it,”  may prove to be a super-charger for your day.
  • Similarly saying that “ of course this is tough, but I believe that I am going to meet this deadline as I have done most of the times.” May prove to be a huge stress buster.
  • Talking such things aloud and repeating them again and again to yourself will surely take your greatest psychological stresses away. Such positive self-talk may be practiced whenever you are alone with yourself – in car, at your workplace chamber or at night before sleeping.

Benefits :

As our Experts says, positive thinking and positive self-talk not only controls your stresses, but, also increases lifespan, improves resistance to common cold and reduces risk of death from heart disease.

Why You Should Start Positive Self-Talk Today by Dr Arora and Team

So what are you waiting for? Adopt this health habit into your lifestyle and live a healthy life!

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  1. I find the informative post, nowadays, Stress is becoming more than poisonous than other health issues. so this posts useful for me and for those people who are suffering from stress. So Start Talk to yourself.

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