There are a number of Dietitian with different Diet Plans in the market. Every time you go out and Boom here is a new Diet Chart name for you. Some of them shrink your belly while others just slims your wallet and most importantly your work out and hunger pains. So Today Dr Arora and Team gives you an idea about different diets plan and how and why they are beneficial or just a time and Money Waster for you..


1.Mediterranean Diets :

Or We can named him as a Traditional Diet. This diet mostly based on Natural foods and vegetables. Even Butter or Ghee will replaces with Healthy olive oils. Less salt and limited Red Meat in your diet.

Dr Arora and team

According to a survey the nutritionist made you a diet plan which is big on fish, olive oil, nuts and as well as fruits and vegetables results in less belly fat rather than those who didn’t have the right diet plan.

Diet Ingredients :

Nuts, Beans , Olive oil, Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables

2.Dashsdiet :

Or The Blood pressure Smasher  As by his name this diet is meant for patients with diabetes and high BP. Less salt in you food is the chief proportion of your diet plan. According to an Iranian Survey this diet plan helped people with Blood Pressure and diabetes drops upto 5 kg in 8 diet plans by dr arora and team

Diet Ingredients :

Fruits, low fat dairy products, beans, seeds , nuts, vegetables, less salt intake and whole grains..

3. Blood Type Diets :

This diet says us to eat according to your blood group. There are lots of reasearches and surveys done on people with different blood groups with their gender and age in mind. These eating plans based on whether your blood group A, B, AB, or diet plans by dr arora and team

But according to Canadian research these diet plan do not work. yes their are results with different plan but those results had nothing to do with your blood type.

Diet Ingredients :

                                      Blood Group A : Vegetarian diet plan

                                      Blood Group B : Balanced Omnivore

                                      Blood Group AB : Mixed diet in moderation

                                      Blood Group O : High Protien Meat Eaters

4. New Nordic Diet :

Yes as the name suggest this is a diet plan used mostly in Denmark and also the traditional and seasonal  food eaten in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. cheap diet plans by dr arora and team

According to a research from Denmark the diet with berries, cabbage , herbs, mushrooms, potatoes, nuts, fish , meat and whole grains results an average loss of 4.5 kg over a period of 26 weeks. Oh Ya!!! A Surprise for me too..

Diet Ingredients :

Seasonal Food, Cabbage, Mushrooms, Berries, Meat , Fish and Whole Grains.

These are Some Major Diet Plans prescribe by dietician now days by Dr Arora and Team. Hope you like this info. please share this info to your friends and loved ones and helps them living a healthy life. Ask your Question in Comment section or email us at Your Problems Our Privacy.

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